With our strong pharmaceutical background, solid professional team and globalized consulting group, we not only exceeds in new product development, but also pays careful attention to product safety, quality, and academic accuracy. Our experienced marketing team also provides training, marketing planning assistances, assistance in exhibition participation, promotional activities, etc. Our professional development team consists of pharmacists, dietitians, health educators and etc.


In addition to conforming with the prerequisites including GMP and HACCP, most of our international manufacturers are also certified by Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) such as BRC in England and IFT in Germany, which represents the most complete standard for food safety. Besides, our European manufacturers also meet the EUROPA - Regulation (EC) No 852/2004, one of the stickiest food act systems in the world. This is to ensure that every aspect of the food supply chain are safe.


Quality and safety comes first, we take responsibility for the safety and health of our customers. Our superior products developed scientifically and manufactured carefully according to ISO22000/HACCP internationally recognized Food Safety Certification, to ensure that every aspect of the food supply chain are safe, from raw material, manufacturing, packing, logistic, storage to selling.


Quality is created, the foundation of our brand is based on our insistence and commitment to good qualities. 90% of our products come from developed countries in Western Europe, New Zealand and Australia. Higher cost in R&D and manufacturing never stop us from adhering to the GMP and HACCP manufacturing spirit and the qualitative and quantitative quality control standards, to comply with the health commitments made to our customers.

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